The Resident Management System.
Everything you need in one program.

For over a decade the Resident Management System (RMS) has been setting the standard of eXCELLENCE for eHR and eMAR software. With best in class products and personalized service once you start using RMSit will be the last eHR software decision you will ever have to make.

RMS represents the next generation of electronic health records software specifically designed for long-term care facilities, pharmacies, assessors, case managers, in-home services, hospice and individuals receiving care at home.

What makes RMS unique is our heritage and facility-centered software design. The LTC Quest team has walked in your shoes as a long-term care consumers, facility owners and administrators, resident advocate and expert witness, and extensive IT solution oriented developers.

Here is a highlight of some of the benefits current facilities and pharmacies are achieving when using RMS.

Risk mitigation

With the help of RMS you will be able to identify, analyze, assess, control, and avoid, minimize, or eliminate unacceptable risks. Liability insurance companies have consistently recognized RMS as a true risk management tool and offered discounts on annual premiums.

  • Ensure all information is accurate, timely, and legible
  • Ensure your staff knows the drug information for every medication for every resident
  • Proactively determine if any of your residents have a current drug-to-drug interaction that may harm them or worse
  • Monitor what is happening with your staff and residents when you're not at the facility

Most liability insurance companies will give you a discount on your premiums because they recognize RMS as a risk management tool. If you want us to talk with your insurer we'll help you secure your discounts too.

Higher quality of care

RMS is a real-time, on-demand softwre system. What that means to you is all your information will be accessible, accurate and legible. And what that means is you will always know what services are to be provided and whether those services have been completed. What that really means is the information you have on your residents is current and earily available for physicians and ER staff if ever needed. And ulitmately residents will receive a higher quality of care because your staff will have the time to spend with your residents instead of pushing paper.


When you achieve the goals of reducing the risk of mitigation, increase your regulatory compliance, ensure resident safety while improving staff efficiency you will see a significant increase in the return-on-investment when you invest is the Resident Management System!

Since there is never anything to download or install RMS will work on all your existing equipement, thus reducing the need for capital expenditures.

Are you currently using another software system? Your information is a valuable asset and should not be discarded. Let us know and we will share how we have converted other facilities to RMS in days!

All in one program!

Since record keeping was our main down fall we found RMS to be a great help. We were finally able to keep the records the State required and also information that was meaningful to healthcare professionals. Physicians are highly impressed by our being able to provide quality and accurate real-time resident information.
Mari Parker
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